23 November 2017

NZSS 2017 : Matching Day!

Today is the day! ... Well, one of the days but you know what I mean. Later today, our NZSS dashboards will update with the name of our giftee and it will be sleuthing time!!! Trying to figure out what to gift someone is my favourite part. :)

Admittedly, I've been terrible the past couple of years because I'm not very good at decision-making and it took me a looong time to come up with gift ideas. I ended up sending "pre-gifts" while I finalise their real presents and I feel like it kinda took away some of the excitement. This shouldn't happen this year, ideally, because we have a little over two weeks to send our presents to the Storehouse! *fingers crossed

I am assuming that everyone knows what New Zealand Secret Santa is and how it works but in case anyone would like to know more about the whole thing, just click through here. :)

So anyway, the Elves are trying to distract us Santees with shiny Twitter games so we don't cause too much trouble from getting impatient lol and to help who we match with get a better understanding of our likes and dislikes and overall personalities, I guess.

(I've just refreshed the dashboard and no match yet so here we go)

(I'm answering here because I'm a bit talk-y so this won't fit on Twitter and I don't think anyone else other than my Santa would want to read this anyway)

(Just refreshed again and still no go, let's do this)

19 November 2017

Kids Day Out

After two weeks of being quarantined, we finally set Blu out into the world again and what a perfectly cheery and beautiful weekend to do so.

Mataura Plunket held an event for fundraising at Hamilton Park in Gore. We drove up to meet up with friends and had an absolute blast! Can't go wrong with train rides, bouncy houses, Mr. Whippy, and all the open spaces and playground things for the kiddies.

First "Monday" after a while tomorrow and seems like it's going to be a busy week (which probably would be the case in this remaining weeks of 2017 tbh) so bracing ourselves for the inevitable highs and lows that the lead up to the silly season brings.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, too!

P.S. Have been trying to deal with this story-telling dilemma for quite some time now. This video compilation stuff just might work? Guess we'll see. :)