30 September 2014

Taking Stock : September

joining in on the fun at Meet Me at Mike's

September has always been one of the quickest months it seems. Something about the -ber that makes the days go by faster or something. Spring has sprung, Blu turned two, Daylight Saving is back on and we are loving all this sun and warmth and being light and bright. :)

Making : lists. (for Christmas, photo prompts, blog topic prompts, etc etc)
Cooking : beef something for dinner. (so much beef in the freezer still)
Drinking : orange juice in between coffeesss.
Reading: The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul by Deborah Rodriquez.
Wanting: 3 days off for Japo so we can enjoy the rest days together a bit longer.
Looking: for Christmas gift ideas.
Playing: Kitchen Scramble on Facebook. also Lorde's new song for the Mockingjay movie.
Deciding: to write more, more, more! and to not stress anymore about Blu skipping his nap.
Wishing: for warm, sunny, not-too-windy weather.
Enjoying: wearing a single layer top and shorts.
Waiting: for Japo to get home. we can probably watch a movie tonight.
Liking: this writing groove I suddenly found myself in. need to prepare dinner soon, though.
Wondering: how Blu is a kid now. he was a baby just last week?
Loving: my boys, a little more each and every day. also, Dipton. :)
Pondering: what else I can do with beef.
Considering: takeaway. (all the time, unless when Japo's cooking)
Watching: Wall-E is on.
Hoping: that plans for 2016 push through.
Marvelling: at the beauty and power of Spring.
Needing: my third (and last for today) cup of coffee.
Smelling: grass.
Wearing: a grey top and blue plaid cotton shorts.
Following: DILFs of Disneyland ;)
Noticing: that Blu is like a little drunk person when he's sleepy haha.
Knowing: that this is all temporary, so better enjoy every bit of it.
Thinking: of next/post-dated blog entries. :p
Admiring: Jensen Ackles *eherm*
Sorting: Toy Library stuff.
Buying: I'll probably buy 1-2 Star Wars Microfighters for Japo before this day ends.
Getting: a bit anxious because it's already 5:05pm and I need to get cooking something soon.
Bookmarking: Yoga Poses to Undo A Day Spent Sitting (it's the thought, right?)
Disliking: that my parents and sisters aren't here in NZ.
Opening: Blu's wooden animal blocks. need to get him busy now that Playgroup's on a break.
Giggling: at Blu's new "words." (ah-way for Aray, getsat go, a bit of counting, etc etc)
Feeling: very warm, very happy, quite thirsty.
Snacking: on shortbread cookies.
Coveting: errr... maybe a tablet.
Wishing: for our loved ones to be safe and happy and healthy always.
Helping: Blu connect the trailer to his toy truck.
Hearing: Blu playing with his toy cars and trucks and books in his little corner.

So there we are. October tomorrow. :)

Very excited for Supernatural, and Criminal Minds to be back on. Also, Halloween!