30 September 2014

Taking Stock : September

joining in on the fun at Meet Me at Mike's

September has always been one of the quickest months it seems. Something about the -ber that makes the days go by faster or something. Spring has sprung, Blu turned two, Daylight Saving is back on and we are loving all this sun and warmth and being light and bright. :)

1 September 2014

Blu Turns Two

I must have blinked. How is he this big already? *sighs*

There really is not much to say. There's just this overall sense of gratitude to everyone who has been part of this great adventure and everything that has led me and my boys to where we are right now. Right now is a pretty cool place to be.

Happy birthday, Blu! Thank you for filling our hearts and our everyday with so much love, wonder, and pride.

All cheers to being TWOotie cutie!