31 December 2013

1 October 2013

13 Months Today

13 months of rainbows and sunshine regardless of the actual weather. 

18 September 2013

Japo spent his one day off this week doing three loads of laundry, cooking kaldereta, playing with Blu, and watching Suits.

He told me, smilingly, before going to bed, that he enjoyed his day.

I don't know who I was and what I did, but Thank you, past lives. I'll probably be a paramecium in my next one and the one after that, but this life, this one's great. :)

2 September 2013

Blu Turns One

Yesterday, Blu turned 1! It's unreal that we wake up to a toddler now instead of a baby. *deep sigh*

On the bright side, though, we can't be more excited for his more pinakulit adventures.

Thank you to each and everyone who has been part of this most amazing year. Whether it be 'liking' our photos, offering parenting tips, sending us words of encouragement and comfort, and providing us lols, hugs, kisses, food (haha!), etc, thank you so much to all of you. 

And to our dearest Blubear, thank you. For everything. You are sunshine, rainbows, fluffy bunnies and hot chocolate with marshmallows all rolled into one. If there's any word that means love a bajillion times, that is how we feel for you and because of you. We will carry you until our arms fall off, and in our hearts for the rest of time.

Happy birthday, Cubby! You are so very loved. 

1 September 2013

An Awesome Beyond Awesome

If pictures are worth thousands of words, they still wouldn't be enough. 
Thank you for everything, Daddycat. Every day, Blu and I feel like the luckiest kitties in the world. And every year you prove that there is an awesome beyond awesome beyond awesome. 

To more adventures! Pwede na natin kaladkarin si Blu, di na sya baby eh huhuhu. We love you.  Yikeeee!

Dami nasabi, Happy Father's Day nga pala hahahaha!

31 August 2013

The First of September

This time last year, I was literally trying to tear my hair out and thinking of prisoners of war.

But let me backpedal just a little bit.

27 August 2013

Feels Like New Year's Eve

I think I've finally ran out of reasons to set aside and procrastinate on blogging again. Japo and Blu have established their routines pretty much so I'm able to get a bit of me-time as soon as they're sleeping. For the past few months, though, I've been making the mistake of using the newer PC whenever I try to write something and before I know it, it will be 2am and I'm reading about Angelina Jolie's kids or the royal family or watching videos of baby animals. I have now resolved this issue by using our 4-year-old laptop instead, which doesn't like it very much whenever I have more than two browser tabs open.

So here we are. :)

In a few days, Blu will be turning one. I will have a toddler. I will be a parent for a whole year.

It's frustrating how I can't put into words how I feel exactly about raising this new person. Amazed comes first to mind. Scared, definitely. Privileged. Blessed. Lucky. And just this insane amount of happiness and satisfaction and fulfillment, I guess, of having this wonderful and terrifying responsibility.

Like, I knew that I was capable of loving another person, other people, but this gig took it to a whole new level. It's a humongous challenge, probably the biggest one I've had to face, and yet it's never been so easy for me to say 'Yes, I'll do it' than it is to whatever parenting demands of me. I can't say there weren't any tears along the way, caused by lack of sleep and sore muscles and those annoying uncertainties but there's been absolutely no hesitation to do whatever needs to be done to make sure Blu is safe and healthy and happy.

Or maybe I'm just growing up and this is what "mature" people think and feel all the time. Well, good for them then.

So yea, it took me a year. It's been a great but rough transition for me from brat to mom. I feel like I have so much catching up to do with so many people and things. Hopefully, this balance I'm working around right now holds up so I can maybe start on... stuff.

September 1 is the start of my New Year now. I am filled with hope and so much love it's gross.

Hello, new blog. Let's be friends.