Hello! My name is April Asumbra-Trillana. Officially hyphenated that last name in legal documents to keep my dad's surname (we are all girls in the family) but coming close to a decade after, I'm just not too sure that it's of my best ideas. Getting verified over the phone is such a mission!

I have somehow become a homemaker despite arriving in New Zealand eight years ago not knowing how to cook, do the laundry, iron, etc. I still don't know how to do a lot of house chores "properly" but I make up for it by knowing where the best takeaways are and driving my boys everywhere and anywhere they want to go. I also give great hugs.

We are from the Philippines, and miss our family and friends back home and around the world every single day, but Southland has been such a beautiful home to us these past years that we can't help but look forward to even more adventures on this land of the long white cloud. This blog is where I'm hoping to write most of them down. :)

Cheers! Xx

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