21 December 2016

New Zealand Secret Santa 2016

It's our fifth year playing this year; it did not disappoint!

Blu and Millie : NZSS 2015

Blu and Millie : NZSS 2016
We waited the whole morning for rural post to drive in, as he usually does, then thought he might have been too busy today due to Christmas presents influx so we went ahead and trekked to our mailbox. Wanted to enjoy every little bit of this sunny weather, too, anyway!

Sweet handwritten message in the card gave me such warm fuzzies! We also received a Photo a Day journal, a sweet blue bracelet with tassel and shell detail (profit went to charity!), and Whittakers chocolates to share with my boys.

I'm taking this as a sign from the Universe to take, and document!, more photos. ;)

Many thanks again to our #nzsecretsanta and the lovely NZ Post Secret Santa Elves! Xx