7 May 2015

things I want : Mother's Day edition


Jasper will be leaving in a few hours for a 3-day trip to Ashburton ( I really should get some sleep). And though I will miss him terribly, I am very excited and super thrilled that I don't need to THINK of what to cook for three full days. There are still errands to run, and I plan on doing a bit of organising around the house, plus the two-year-old needs to be kept entertained, but a break in kitchen duties is such a wonderful gift. He doesn't even need to get me anything for Sunday anymore. I will be over the moon just to have him back here safe and sound. :)

That said, I like having and buying all kinds of stuff. Here are some on my "want!-how-to-justify-that-I-need-it" list right now.

a cute travel mug
We have maybe six travel mugs here at home but none of them are cute. We have a couple of purple and white ones but Blu likes using them. I want one that is just for me to keep my coffee hot for when all the things suddenly need my attention as soon as I have that first sip.

Not sure if the increasing number of notes/lists lying around is a sign of adulthood or a failing memory. These would also make the kitchen more fun! I hope.

I like lions. I have a small collection of leonine soft toys. If Blu kept to his due date, the three of us would have shared the same zodiac sign. #morethan2yearsnowstillnotoverit

this necklace
I love her so much. Say what you will but I truly think she's a great mother. Also, lions.

happy snacks
The only thing that prevented me from getting a tray of this for Easter was knowing that we already have a ton of chocolate to go through. But now that winter is almost here, I don't see why not. Hibernation and all that, right?

something to get me through this cluckiness
New babies are everywhere! More are on the way! PRINCESS CHARLOTTE IS THE CUTEST THOSE CHEEKS OMG *deep breaths* Must admit that I've been a bit keen on the idea of adding to our little brood this past few months, but I can't exactly DIY a new baby. So it's all still on the planning and timing, and maybe get some quite important stuff out of the way first stage. Looking at cute stuff won't hurt, though, I think.

How about you? :) I would love to hear what your plans are for yourself, and what you're getting for the mom in your life this weekend. Wishing you a great one! Xx

original image by Danielle Marroquin