7 May 2015

things I want : Mother's Day edition

Jasper will be leaving in a few hours for a 3-day trip to Ashburton ( I really should get some sleep). And though I will miss him terribly, I am very excited and super thrilled that I don't need to THINK of what to cook for three full days. There are still errands to run, and I plan on doing a bit of organising around the house, plus the two-year-old needs to be kept entertained, but a break in kitchen duties is such a wonderful gift. He doesn't even need to get me anything for Sunday anymore. I will be over the moon just to have him back here safe and sound. :)

That said, I like having and buying all kinds of stuff. Here are some on my "want!-how-to-justify-that-I-need-it" list right now.

4 May 2015

how-to-really-know-someone * questions tag : vol. 01

I really did make lists and notes on my calendars and journals to start this month. On Day 4 now and I'm already scrambling to catch up on #fmsphotoaday and have rescheduled one blog post to Wednesday. Not a good start. As usual. BUT! I shall persevere.

1 May 2015

as of late --- 1

I know, I know. I am terrible at keeping resolutions and seeing things through. I'm a GREAT planner, though! Always look for the better side of things, I say. No need to worry. Someday I will bloom into a fully functional adult and then, maybe, my blogging and writing goals will be fulfilled and trigger a fantastic series of events that will lead to world peace. You never know.