4 January 2015

year starter

First Sunday of the year today and I'm feeling good.

I mean, there are empty cups with a Duplo train on the coffee table and a toy lawn mower in the kitchen but I wanted to write something so here I am. Choosing to listen to that voice in my head telling me to do this first because I can deal with the chores and go through social media later makes all the difference.

I've stumbled upon this article recently about needing more inboxes in our lives. The way I understand it (to make it work for me), the key is to categorise things in order to minimise these inboxes. And more importantly, know that some things are NOT inboxes but are better off as streams. :)
Define an "inbox" as any place where stuff mounts up, needing – or claiming to need – your attention... Your email inbox isn't your only inbox. Your voicemail's an inbox. So is that pile of bank statements, batteries and solitary socks that's teetering on the arm of the sofa. So are the dirty dishes in the sink, stacking up until someone loads the dishwasher. So's the basket of clean laundry, waiting to be folded or ironed and put away... Start treating all these inboxes as inboxes – visiting them intermittently, and dealing with what's in them – and they won't weigh on your mind at other times.
Not every place where stuff accumulates is best thought of as an inbox. To use another metaphor, some are "streams", to be dipped into, with no pressure to deal with everything. Facebook and Twitter are streams: follow a few hundred people on Twitter and you'll go crazy if you try to read all they post. 

Happy to report that basic resolutions are going
strong. I'm drinking more water for starters, still not quite on the 8-glasses-a-day mark but huge improvement from being caffeine-dependent. What I do is take a glass of warm water before any kind of other drink. Baby steps.

Being friends with the kitchen is another one. I have started to make peace with the fact that the kitchen really is the heart of the home and even though I am clueless in most things about cooking and keeping things clean, the thought and effort I put in doing stuff matters more than I believe it does.

I've already shared that I want to make 2015 the year I get back to writing. You see, writing has always been easy; what to write about, it seems for me, is the tricky part. I went through blogs and photography groups, searching and finding people whose passion pushes and inspires my own. I tried on several outlets, different styles. Nothing really felt right.

Until I watched The Book of Life.

And that was it. Mr. Gaiman has been great in helping keep my fire alive but that movie just made something click inside me and made me go, "Omg I can do and say and post and write whatever I want." Because I can. Because the stories are mine to share. Because my stories combine with others' to create this crazy-big story of everyone that are made up of different characters and plots but is probably essentially the same. And it's so simple! And I want to smack last-few-years-me in the head because I feel like the thoughts and emotions I went through could have made for some really good ones to look back on.

Focusing on going forward, though. Enjoy moments. Make memories. Document as much as I can.

Starting as I mean to go on! Wish me luck. Xx