31 December 2014

that wonderful time of year


I woke up around 2am to an unwell toddler who went back to sleep at sunrise. There was too much to do so I stayed up, feeling like a zombie for the rest of the day. My state of mind matched the weather, too. Grey and dreary it was. "But it's New Year's Eve!" my brain tried to reason.

It's New Year's Eve and I still have groceries to buy and dishes to wash.

Took a bit of effort to psych myself up for 2015 (Fresh start! New adventures! etc) but I did it. I feel ready.

It poured one minute, then glaring sun the next. 

Over lunch I told Jasper, "I want a photo of the three of us watching the last sunset of the year, mahal ko." In response to that the wind howled, and the rain drummed on the roof while we had dinner in front of the TV, watching The Flash.

What is it with being an adult that makes these days rarely go the way you want them to.

All I wanted was a sunset. Just a proper goodbye to the year that was.

The year that tested and stretched and clawed a little. With its sudden downpours and grey skies for days. Some lightning strikes and small fires. A strong wind howling inside.

And then my boys fell asleep. And I am so sleepy, too. 

'Til I realise that it is quiet other than the slow drip dripping of water. So I went outside and a pinkorangepurple haze has made the colours go strange on the freshly drenched yard. The green is greener with hints of lime, the white is muted, and the brown is a deeper tan.

The cat meows at the gorgeous sky.

From behind dark clouds, light peeked and teased until the sun came out to see what the commotion is about, and just as quickly went back to snuggling. Big day tomorrow, I understand.

And looking at that pinkorangepurple sky, the year that was gave me a hug.