1 October 2013

13 Months Today

13 months of rainbows and sunshine regardless of the actual weather. 

I thought having a toddler would give me more time to blog. How wrong I was.

It's true, though, that a lot of things are much easier now than when he was a baby. A few examples:

  • we can go out now with just a couple of extra nappies, wipes, a change of clothes, something to drink and a few snacks compared to when we had to bring the whole nursery (it seemed) even when it was just a 30-minute trip to buy groceries;
  • he "helps" with getting himself dressed by pushing his arms through the sleeves and not as much fussing with his legs as well;
  • his balance is a lot more stable now, so we don't have to support and follow him as much when he's exploring.

But I underestimated so much. Taking care of a one-year-old, however fulfilling and delightful, drains energy big time. Most nights I'm not able to go back to the computer anymore because sleep happens.

This could have been fine, actually, but it has me a bit worried. I can't keep conking out, not when Blu is only getting more active and curious about the world around him. I need to keep up. So yea, lifestyle overhaul, here I come - slowly. Like baby steps. Not targeting "college body," I just want to be able to carry and save my son from zombies if ever that happens in this lifetime.

A few more stuff about Blu right now:

  • Gets up between 7:30 and 9am which is great. Early mornings will give us two naps (one before lunch, and one mid-afternoon). Late-ish mornings (around 9am) will give us a long one after lunch.
  • Breakfast is 200mL formula and biscuits/toast.
  • Morning snack is usually juice and fruit.
  • Afternoon snack is usually yoghurt and cow's milk.
  • In between snacks are fruit bars and biscuits.
  • Lunch and dinner is whatever Japo and I are having. He likes rice!
  • Still loves watching shows on Disney Junior, plus Peppa Pig.
  • Bedtime routine starts with brushing his teeth, washing up, trying to get him in his pyjamas, finally getting him in pjs after he's done bouncing around the room, reading him a book or two or three, lights out, wait at least 30 minutes before he dozes off.
  • Sleeps through for the most part but cries his angry cry when he wakes up in the middle of the night without me beside him (tsk), goes right back to sleep when I "return."

He's also been fake crying and fake laughing. He's started showing his mischievous side a lot more this past month, too, like when he stands on the couch and makes a sound as if making sure I watch him try to ride the armrest. He's been screaming and babbling loudly a lot. I use a hair clip to get his bangs out of his eyes. He doesn't play with the TV as much, and with play I mean try to topple it over. He can sit quietly in front of it now, just watching; well, when he's not switching the DVR on and off that is.

He likes playing telephone, I guess? He puts random objects and toys near his ear and says "Awoo?" ha ha! Japo and I kid that he's part Siberian Husky. It's a bit weird, too, because Japo and I are rarely on the phone so we don't know why he picked up on that. He "runs away" with stuff he knows he shouldn't play with like the computer mouse and pens. Akala mo naman di sya aabutan, umiiwas pa hahaha! He likes music and bounce dancing and throwing toys that are blocking his way backwards. He's been throwing stuff out the kitchen window (the only one he can reach right now), too. Also, with the sunny and warm weather, I've been letting him spend some time outside a few minutes a day which he enjoys immensely!

Dislikes are ketchup and sweet chili sauce (don't ask, *cough*Japo*cough*), and getting out of the bath.

We're excited for him to start saying real words. He's been consistent with baby signing when he's hungry and sleepy but toddler pronunciations are the cutest so can hardly wait for that; although part of me wants to hold on to this, of course.

Oh well. So much for emotions. :) It's all good. It's all beautiful.